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Design Spectrum

I am Anna Ovchinnikova an Architect, Interior, Industrial and Visual Designer, current geographic location is Milan, Italy. My profession attitude and position is that Human Creativity which not that far representing trough Design world has a Great Power and a Great Responsibility especially for the Future. Design Spectrum is the concept that I am presenting and the main idea or mission of this project is to help, to understand, to show, to awake, to start collaborate with new generation of people, designers and societies trough the Powerful Design Spectrum. The approach is to open intelligent accesses for our society needs. It become more important now-a-days, because we are facing the Crisis. Our whole Planet is in global crisis: climate global warming, financial, cultural and governmental systems, have to be review. But I know that any crisis even if it is personal, is coming to bring You to the other higher step, it is the processes of our Mother Nature creation calling Evolution.